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The company Bauer + Kusterer Lagerhaus GmbH & Co. KG, based in Puchheim/Germany, was founded in 1960 and operates as a family-run business.

Our main area of business is the renting and leasing of offices, spaces and warehouses.

The warehouses in Munich and Puchheim provide between 600 and 2.000 square meters. In 2015 we built a new storage building in Puchheim with 600 square meters of space.

In our warehouse in Munich-Sendling we have 2.000 square meters space for furniture storage. The warehousing takes place via ramp and freight elevator.

This warehouse is centrally located near the motorways BAB 96 (Lindau) and BAB 95 (Garmisch ) and within short distance to the city centre.

The offices and warehouses in Puchheim are located near the motorway A 99. The motorway BAB 8 (Stuttgart) and BAB 96 (Lindau) are within a few minutes of reach.